When I was a little girl, me and my Mum travelled “on leave” from Pakistan & India to visit Grandpa Ferguson in Glasgow. I remember sitting on my Grandpa Fergie’s knee, whilst he listened to the Gaelic radio station, and loving the smell of his tweed jacket & his pipe. His tweed seemed so rough and muted in colour after the colours and silky fabrics I knew, but I loved it. Fast forward and I find that all the different elements of my life are coming together. .. my upbringing in the Middle East, my Ferguson family in the Outer Hebrides, making my own clothes and my careers which are all to do with ‘theatre’ and performance. Tweed is still made from pure Scottish wool and has such a variety of colour, is conditioned at least twice during its progress through the mill making it much softer to the touch. My mission is to share this deeply traditional, yet contemporary, textile with you. So you can have and cherish a piece of these islands.

Jane Paton Founder Loch Roag Designs